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When your girl is crying.


Don’t rub her back and say “Everything will be alright.” C’mon, you can do better than that. Tell her funny stories. Crack silly jokes. Make weird faces. Or you can just sit down with her and ask her what’s wrong. Or you can just hug her. Let her cry on your arms. And if that’s not yet enough and you can’t stop her tears from falling, just cry with her. Make her feel that whenever she is hurting, you’re feeling the same thing too. Her tears were your tears too. 

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Taga “ayieee” lang ako  sa lovelife ng barkada ko eh…

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Ingatan mo yung taong palabiro, palatawa at mapang-asar. Kadalasan kasi sila yung pinakamasarap magmahal. :)

being sad while on tumblr is difficult because funny shit pops up on your dash and you laugh and you’re like “no do not interrupt my sadness with your funny gifs stop that”

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